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About Stock Replacement

Regarding restocking of sold out products

The stone I wanted was sold. When will the next one arrive? »

  • All loose stones sold in our store are currently in stock.
    All of the loose stones we handle are either secured from raw stones and sold as processed stones at our store, or purchased in loose form that can be used in products. All loose products depend on the production status of the supplier and the availability of raw stones, so unfortunately we cannot guarantee when we will be able to restock the same item as the sold item. .

    Especially when it comes to natural gemstones, the market price fluctuates and the selling price often changes depending on the purchasing period. Our store basically sells items at current prices and sells items on a one-off basis, so if you are considering a product, we would appreciate it if you could make a decision as soon as possible.

    Please note that the grade, shape, number of lots, etc. of the stone types we handle vary depending on each purchase. We set prices while checking purchasing costs and market prices, but please note that if the market price fluctuates significantly, we may adjust the prices of existing products without prior notice.

Will sold-out ready-to-deliver jewelry be restocked? »

  • All of the ready-to-delivery jewelry sold in our store is made using loose items in stock. Even if the item is sold out, if we have loose stock in our store, we can produce it at the same price. Since it will be manufactured after you place your order, it will take approximately 1-2 months for it to be delivered.
    You can contact us through our contact page . Please feel free to contact us if there is a product you are looking for.