About quality

Our Quality Standards

About the quality of the jewelry we handle

The natural stones we handle are carefully selected and purchased from a variety of reliable overseas suppliers. Items that have been cut and polished and are already ready to be used as materials for making jewelry (hereinafter referred to as loose items) are purchased, inspected or analyzed, and then placed in shops. If you have obtained a certificate of authenticity in advance, the certificate will be included as an accessory. For products that do not come with a certificate of authenticity, a certificate of authenticity can be obtained upon request. Please note that our sales office is in Okinawa, so we do business with the majority of identification agencies far away. In order to avoid unnecessary trouble, we do not accept requests for identification institutions.
After purchasing a rough stone, skilled cutters carefully cut and polish the rough stone at a gem factory in India, Thailand, or China that we are affiliated with, and finish it into a loose stone that can be used in jewelry. They go through the same inspection or analysis before being sold in shops.

Our moissanite, cubic zirconia, and synthetic gemstones with the same composition as natural ones are mainly purchased from China, India, Thailand, America, etc. If synthetic stones have inclusions, they are usually not sent to shops because they are sorted during inspection, but moissanite (moissanite), which is for collectors and has unusual inclusions, and synthetic stones with natural and beautiful inclusions. This does not apply to items that are in high demand, such as emeralds and corundum.

Moissanite quality

Moissanite tends to vary in quality depending on the supplier. As a general rule, all moissanite that we handle is sorted using diamond grading standards as a reference, and is also thoroughly inspected to check for inclusions, good shape, color, and cloudiness. We carefully select and use only high quality products.

In recent years, as moissanite (moissanite) has become more well-known and popular, cheap and poor quality cubic zirconia, imitation glass, etc. are increasingly being sold under the name moissanite. I'm here. In addition, we are receiving more and more inquiries from people who purchased items without knowing that they were coated and the color has changed. Coated moissanite is also a rare color that you don't often see, and it's very cute. Moissanite with a good quality coating will last a long time as jewelry, but a moissanite with a poor quality coating will last a long time even after being rolled around on a desk. It may cause damage. We handle both coated moissanite and regular moissanite, and we offer products that can be used as jewelry materials, so please buy with confidence.

About jewelry processing

Each piece of jewelry is carefully crafted by experienced craftsmen. We usually deliver within 1 to 1 and a half months, but as a general rule, we will start production after confirming the order and confirming the payment, so it depends on the design, order details, confirmation of the design, and frequency of revisions. It may take a long time for delivery.

Regarding stone removal after delivery

There are various factors that cause stone removal.
Moissanite and diamonds have a high Mohs hardness of 9.5 to 10, but the Mohs hardness is a value that indicates resistance to scratches, and does not mean that it will not break even if hit or pressure is applied. No matter how diamond or moissanite is, if it is subjected to impact or pressure is constantly applied from one angle, it will lead to damage such as chipping or cracking. Similarly, when we say that 18-karat gold and 14-karat gold are hard, we mean that they are relatively hard compared to the strength of general ornaments, and it does not mean that they will not warp when subjected to impact. Naturally, the nails that hold the stone in place may become distorted due to being hit or dropped, or the stone may become chipped due to the impact, which may cause the stone to fall off. Therefore, please be gentle when handling your jewelry.

In addition, during processing, we pay particular attention to the stone clasp, but on rare occasions a stone may come off immediately after delivery. In the case of side stones, there may be unseen chips due to the amount of force applied when fastening the nails, or around tools, which may lead to damage over time, or errors during machining. There is a possibility that this is a factor. During the final inspection, our store confirms that there are no problems with the stones before delivery, but we use the process of checking and inspecting manually processed stones with the naked eye. Therefore, we will not be held responsible for any stone removal that may occur from scratches that cannot be seen with the naked eye. However, if stones have been removed within 10 days, please feel free to message us for repair consultation. Please contact us.