"Make your own favorite with your favorite stone."

Our store accepts requests for custom-made jewelry.

I want to enjoy jewelry regardless of the material.
I want to enjoy large jewelry at an affordable price.
I want to enjoy jewelry while contributing to environmental issues.

The number of inquiries such as those mentioned above is increasing year by year.
In order to respond to the various requests of our clients,
Our store uses materials such as SV925, K9, K10, and K14, which are also used in light jewelry.
We use high-quality synthetic gemstones and moissanite that have undergone strict production control.
We have added this to our lineup of jewelry.

In addition to traditional natural diamonds, there are also options for side stones.
We also offer lab-grown diamonds and high-quality cubic zirconia and moissanite, each individually hand-cut and polished by skilled craftsmen.

A wide range of choices, the crystallization of technology and its brilliance,
please enjoy.

Bespoke Style

My favorites.

Fully custom-made with a lot of attention to detail.
Our style is to listen to the client's particular concerns, such as the dimensions of each part, the length and shortness of the chain, the type of end parts, and the location of adjustment points.

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Assemble to Order

Just choose your design and gemstone.

With your favorite design from the existing catalogue,
A custom-made style that allows you to choose the type of stone that can be used for the design and place your order as is.

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customize design style

I want to change just this part.

Small customization from our existing designs.
In addition to changing the stone type and size of the designs listed in the catalogue, we also added designs such as the presence or absence of lining, and slightly changed the design on the sides.
When making an inquiry, please let us know the product number.

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